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Courtney Brown:
     Athletics have always been a part of my life. Growing up I swam, played volleyball, and ran track. In college, I ran track (pole vault) and was on the swim team.  At the College of Charleston in South Carolina, I received a bachelors degree in Art, with a focus in photography.  After graduation, I became much more intrigued with fitness and found a love for teaching others how to be healthy.  I decided to switch paths and pursue a career as a personal trainer.  Since then, I have become an avid crossfitter and through my learnings there, decided to train for a Powerlifting meet.  I currently hold the WNPF and RPS New York State (Sqaut, Dead lift, and Bench) records in the open raw 148# class. 
     Within the last four years, I have changed many lives in ways I never would have imagined. Personal Training is no longer just a career path, but rather my passion. I enjoy helping people overcome their fitness struggles, and am able to create individualized programs to meet any training needs. Whether you are training strictly for health purposes, or anywhere from a marathon to a power lifting meet, I can help you get there! I pride myself on keeping your fitness concentration at a consistently high level, whether you are new to exercise and fitness or a seasoned athlete.  You will see measurable results from an individualized program. Customized programs will result in maximum results, by creating a routine that not only works for your body, but also your hectic lifestyle. This will give you the opportunity to see fitness in a whole new light. Through teaching you a healthier lifestyle and pushing you to workout consistently, I am committed to getting each person who walks through my doors to reach their goals and I expect the same commitment from you! 
     The true reward of my business is being able to hear past (and present) clients express their gratitude for making them healthy, strong, and confident individuals. It will take effort from you, but if you put your trust in me and are willing to live a life of health, this is the place for you! The routines that I create with you are designed to keep you in shape forever, and my goal is to give you the tools that you need to live a long healthy life. If you want to train hard and train smart, I will help you discover a new way to live....the healthy way! Call me today at (585)734-7775 to schedule an appointment. 
CERTIFICATIONS:  National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) Certified Personal Trainer, Certified CPR/AED American Heart Association.
Located in FIT Gym
465 W. Commercial Street
East Rochester, NY 14445
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