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       I have been working with Courtney for just over two years now, and couldn’t ask for a better trainer. She is very focused on proper technique and determined to help her clients reach their goals. Since working with Courtney I have surpassed all of my goals, and am now in the best shape of my life!
                                               -Jennifer H.- 
       I never really enjoyed working out as it was extremely difficult to get myself motivated. After signing up for personal training with Courtney, I have a very different attitude toward exercising. Now I actually enjoy exercising. Courtney is good humored, but also very professional. She is very motivating and because it’s personal training I have seen very positive, fast results. After just 7 weeks, I have lost 17 inches! The workout is always different so I don’t get bored and I am always motivated to push myself more. My nickname for Courtney is “Jillian,” but I wouldn’t have it any other way. She pushes me to be the best I can be and never lets me give in when I think I can’t do something. Thanks to Courtney, I am a much happier person and as fit as I’ve ever been. 
                                                                              -Tracy Glass-
      Courtney Brown agreed to become my personal trainer approximately 2 ½ years ago. Since then, I have lost over 78 pounds, over 51 inches in girth, and I feel wonderful. I had never been a participant in a regular fitness program before and Courtney zeroed in perfectly on my personal needs, tailoring my program for my level and progressing with my goals as I continued to improve with the training. As a retirement-age person I would have never believed that a regular, well rounded, properly targeted personal training program could have made such a change in my life. Now I am a permanent convert-all thanks to Courtney Brown! 
                                                                              -Patricia Bryan-

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Success Story:
     I cannot say enough about this women. She is proof that determination and hard work really do pay off. Not only has she inspired me to be the best trainer I possibly can, but day in and day out, her hard work encourages others to lead a healthier lifestyle. When I first met Tammy, she was on strict orders from her doctor to not lift anything heavier than 10 lbs nor get her heart rate up for more than 10 minutes at a time. This was due to her high blood pressure & sedentary lifestyle. I’m not going to say that it was all fun and games when she first started, actually it was quite the opposite. There were a lot of hard times. I was worried Tammy would quit, but little did I know at the time, Tammy was a fighter. So ready to make a change and sick of feeling the way she was, Tammy kept pushing harder every day.  
     Her sister Tracy (which I will talk about in a minute) was training with me, so Tammy followed her lead. She showed up twice a week for workouts with me and put in numerous hours in the gym on her own. Not only did she stick to the plan in the gym, but she also stuck to a strict meal plan that she learned by doing Weight Watchers. I am proud to say that Tammy has lost 152.6 pounds total since she began her new life. Since April 2012, she has lost 73 inches off her body (that’s 6 feet!). Although she has lost all of this weight and has created a brand new life for herself, we like to joke that I now make her put the weight back on for exercises in the gym. That’s right, Tammy is now dead lifting 150+ lbs and on many occasions squatted with me on her back. It amazes me to think that she has lost the weight of myself off of her body. I can only imagine how much better she feels not having to lug that weight around with her everyday, but I can say that she is jumping much higher these days! Tammy RAN her first 5k in May, and I could not be more happy to say that she will be running the Dirty Girl Mud Run in September with me. For Tammy, there isn’t an ounce of her that will let her new self down, there is no going back!       Now, I cannot post this picture without talking a little bit about Tammy’s sister Tracy. She is a beast (in a good way). Even though Tracy has had a few set backs this past year, she hasn’t let them slow her down. When many people face injuries or other obstacles in life, they tend to just throw in the towel and give up; Not Tracy! If anything, it gave her a drive to overcome everything and come out on the other side stronger. Only a few short months ago Tracy was unable to squat due to a hip injury. Since then, she is now squatting over 200 pounds! Her next goal is to compete at a power lifting meet with me and I can proudly say that she will be taking the win for sure!  
     I can ramble on and on about both of these women for hours, but I will end now with this: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t….You’re right!” Both these ladies live by this and it shows!    
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